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Our day program focuses on the overall wellness of the individuals we serve. The wellness model we incorporate into our programming considers the physical, emotional, economic, personal, intellectual, community, and social wellness of those involved.

We have a wide variety of tracks for individuals to choose from in our day program. The tracks are listed below.



In recreation we have a recreation therapist that leads the program.  You will work towards finding things that you like to do and exploring your community.  You will also increase your skills in being able to break down any barriers you now have in accessing your community or things that you enjoy doing.


In dramatic literature you will explore books, plays, short stories or any thing else that you like to read. You will also have access to short clips of movies so that you can see what you are reading about.  There are opportunities to act out words or to use the I-Pad to look up pictures, signs, or sounds to go with new vocabulary words.


In Life Skills you will have the opportunity to practice all of the skills you would normally work on at home or in your apartment or house.  These skills may include things like laundry, telling time, memorizing your address, balancing a check book, writing your name, safety skills, any many more!


In music performance you will have you will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform in groups that include choir, chimes, dance, musical theatre, and many others.


In art you will have the opportunity to make weekly art projects. Some of the groups make art to sale at craft events.  We have a kiln in the back in which some of the groups paint ceramics to be fired.  You may also have the opportunity to work on self-expression (telling people things) through art.


In computers you will work on basic computer skills such as creating documents, typing, and sending e-mail. You can also use the computers for leisure to play games, search music and videos.


In fitness you can do anything from simple stretching, walking, and running to using several exercise machines. Some groups also do yoga and train for a 5K.


In music we have a music therapist on staff you will learn a lot of different skills through the use of music. Some groups work on self-expression through music (telling people things), work on relationships with friends, work on relaxing with music, or work on movement to music.


In cooking you will complete a recipe, each member has a different role in completing the recipe.  You may be reading the recipe, cutting, mixing, setting table, using the oven, or cleaning up. At the end of cooking group, you will have a sample to taste and the recipe to take home.

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