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Please call or e-mail Carolyn Kline for more information on the Family Network:

Carolyn Kline

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At Helping Hand Center, we continue to think of ways to expand support for families. In an effort to provide social, educational, and support opportunities for families to become more involved, we are excited to present to you Helping Hand Center's Family Network.
The Family Network is an expansion of our Family Association, which has been serving Helping Hand Center families and clients for a countless number of years.
There are no membership dues! Just come to the free events and sessions that will help you the most.
If you would like to receive more information or to sign up for future events and sessions, please e-mail or call (708) 352-3580.
Have you ever noticed that Helping Hand Center often feels like one big family? The staff, clients, family members and friends all have the same goal. To help our clients achieve their highest levels of independence.
This did not happen overnight. Over fifty years ago a special group of families had a vision for their children with developmental disabilities: that they were as special as everyone else's children and society would agree with them once they saw what their children could learn and do in their community.
Those families formed Helping Hand Center in 1955 and opened its doors to five children who would fulfill this vision.
They proved they could learn, participate and contribute to society. This vision spread to other families and Helping Hand Center continued to grow.
In 1970 families had another vision; that their children could work. They formed a workshop that employed persons with disabilities allowing them to earn a paycheck and contribute to society. Again, their children proved their vision correct.
Later, families had a vision their children could live outside their family homes and not in an institution. Six young ladies shared a home where they supported each other to live and grow together. Once again their children proved this vision correct.
The family of Helping Hand Center continues the vision of these early families in believing in the ability, value, and importance of the contributions that persons with disabilities can provide to all of society.
We are especially thankful to the Helping Hand Center Family Association, a group of parents and family members of clients who receive services from us, for their dedication throughout these years. They have given countless hours creating a sense of community among family members and working alongside staff to achieve our mission. We celebrate all their good work and dedication in this strong family history at Helping Hand Center.
And we are excited about new plans to reach out to even more Helping Hand Center families!
Mary Beth Hepp
Executive Director
Helping Hand Center